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To have in Africa an excellent level of communication in order to be capable to spread peace, love, brotherhood and all those values that make humanity grow.


To support radio broadcasting activities in Africa with the purpose of developing skills, technology and professionalism at the service of the integral development of human being.

World Family of Radio Maria Africa NGO is an organization that works for development of communications in Africa, providing a wide range of services to radios:

  • training of radio staff in all departments
  • finance management assistance and control for non-profit radios
  • technical assistance and development of IT and audio-frequency systems
  • planning, development and management of radio networks
  • support for marketing and promotional activities for non-profit radios
  • maintenance, repair and troubleshooting support of radio-frequency equipment
  • with respect of the local culture and values, increasing opportunities for alleviation of human suffering, development of people and  fostering of charity and justice in the world


World Family of Radio Maria Africa NGO cooperates in particular with various Radio Marias in Africa in order to help them become vibrant and important realities in the broadcasting area in Africa. At the moment there are 18 Radio Marias in 17 African countries. World Family of RM Africa and the 18 Radio Marias from the African community of the wider family of Radio Maria contribute to the integral development of the human being in Africa through sharing of radio programs, initiatives and activities.


World Family of Radio Maria Africa is a registered non governmental organization in Tanzania since 2008, its head quarter is in Dar Es Salaam and it works in close cooperation with the international organization of World Family of Radio Maria.






Opportunità di collaborazioni per la tecnologia in Tanzania

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