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Communication for Development

In the world of international cooperation WF Africa positions itself as an organization that aims at the improvement of communication as a means for development.

Cooperation means to work together with other people and organizations to achieve a common goal. WF Africa cooperates with other institutions to foster peace among peoples and integral development of human beings. Cooperation means to work with other to plan and implement programs that bear material and spiritual benefits especially of the most poor and vulnerable.

Through its activities WF Africa spreads a message of peace and joy that every human being needs in each part of the world.

Cooperating with radios, media houses, NGOs and other institutions WF Africa helps produce radio programs that are in line with its values and objectives. In particular WF Africa is active in programs related to agriculture, sanitation, nutrition, education, civil and human rights, health and family issues, all kind of subjects and topics that help improve life of people. It also values to the local culture giving voice to African traditions and languages.

WF Africa participates to seminars, workshops and conferences where Communication for Development is involved. Some of this conferences and seminars take place in WF Africa Training Centre

In partnership with Radio Maria Tanzania, WF Africa has organized a radio live programs with participation of audience, called "Katekesi kwa Familia na Vijana". It is an opportunity for Tanzanians to share their opinions and views about several topics regarding faith and local culture, spiritual and social life, responsibilities in the community, and many more. The program is led by the director of Radio Maria Tanzania who invites personalities to present a topic and to be questioned by the audience and the listeners at home. The discussion is enriched by several interventions every week and by the participation of groups of youths. After a first period in which the program was aired from WF Africa Training Centre, now it is a produced and broadcasted live each time from a different region of Tanzania.








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