African Technicians for African Radios


To promote, in African no profit radios, excellence in broadcasting by improving of audio frequency equipment, by training and supporting personnel in a professional way.


African Technicians for African Radios project aims at improving the technical quality of radio broadcasting. That is done intervening both on equipments and human resources.

WF Africa technical staff has competence and experience to support radios that have problems with their equipment. Our strategy is to empower technical personnel with knowledge and good habits which have a great impact on the final results of their broadcasting. WF Africa intervenes in two ways: fostering an accurate and effective maintenance of the equipment and training studio staff to use the machines in order to have the maximum result.

Training sections are organized in the radios (training on the field) and in WF Africa Training Centre (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania). The objective of the formation is to make the technicians and the studio operators aware of their responsibilities and capable to carry out their duties.

Especially for radios located in rural areas WF Africa provides technical support by visiting the radios and offering assistance and technological solutions.

WF Africa technical office is continuously in touch with 20 radio stations in Africa offering its guidance for a better sound.


  • training technicians, studio operators and presenters
  • permanent assistance through activation of help desk
  • installation of radio automation system
  • periodical review with qualified technicians
  • seminars for audio-frequency technicians







Opportunità di collaborazioni per la tecnologia in Tanzania

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