Radio Frequency Laboratory


To give African non for profit radios the opportunity to be assisted by Radio Frequency professionals in order to have efficient and reliable broadcasting equipment


Sometimes it is not so easy to find skilled personnel and the right tools to repair a modulator, a receiver, an antenna, etc. Community radios and no commercial radios may find very expensive to have their equipment repaired. WF Africa has opened a laboratory with qualified  professionals and modern tools that can fix a large number of damaged machinaries and turn back on a transmitter in a short time. The laboratory is also an opportunity for students of engineering to have internships or practilcal . We have in fact some collaborations with technical institutes in Tanzania. Students attend the lab work to learn some practical skills which are requested in their career and curriculum.


  • maintenance, repairing and troubleshooting support of radio-frequency equipment
  • planning, implementation and management of radio systems
  • practical training for engineering students






Opportunità di collaborazioni per la tecnologia in Tanzania

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